West Coast Road Trip

My wholeeee life I have had a dream of driving down the coast with friends, and after MANY attempts and failed plans with many different people, my dream finally (mostly) came true. Bethan and I wanted to go somewhere this Spring and were hoping to go to Banff but really were up for anything as long as it meant travelling.  I knew that Jason and Josh were the kind of people to make it happen, so I told them our hopes and after some back and forth, we shifted our plans, decided to go to Oregon and packed up the van.

Bethan and I had prayed that the trip would be fuel to our soul, whatever that looked like, and God was so good to answer that prayer. Our journey was equal parts fun as it was spontaneous, adventurous as it was restful. It was filled with laughter, good music, beautiful creation, and edifying conversation.

We hit up Seattle, six beaches in Oregon, Dutch Bros in Astoria, Stumptown in Portland and the gift shop of a museum(we actually spent SO much time at that gift shop). One of the girls working at Dutch Bros suggested we check out Hug Point Beach and it was in our top favourite beaches- so if you’re heading down the Oregon Coast, I highly recommend it!





It was a wonderful weekend with wonderful people.

If that was not enough for you check out our trip from Bethan’s perspective here and watch the video she made here.

Cheers, and happy camping,


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