Treading Water

Location: Ambleside Park, West Vancouver

Things had been feeling overwhelming the past few weeks. Not anything in specific, I simply just felt worn. I used this analogy to my staff last week and said:  I have been feeling as though I have been treading water in the ocean, I was staying afloat before but now my legs are getting tired and the waves keep coming and I feel as though I am going to sink. The waves are not anything intense, or even large at all but I have just grown tired of staying afloat.

Has anyone else ever felt like this?

Well, one thing I have learned from my beloved housemate Bethan is the significance of rest and not just putting aside the to-do list but taking restful moments doing something that brings you life.

So today, after a meeting (that ran late- naturally), I hurried to my car and drove out to Ambleside Park. I inherited this as one of my favourite beaches from my lovely mama. I made it just in time for the sunset. As much as I love pretending it is already Spring, my numb fingers would attest otherwise. It was chillyyy but it was BEAUTIFUL .

The ocean brings me life (how ironic is that, considering my analogy for feeling worn out was me almost drowning in the ocean). I love the smell of the salt water, the waves crashing on shore. I love the reminder of how big and powerful God is. The ocean gives me perspective, it calms me, and is one of the places I feel nearest to God.



Little things like sunsets and oceans make me so grateful and giddy! They fill me with His joy ten times over. In all this treading, we can grow tired and we can grow weary but God is not limited to our strength, in fact, He far surpasses it. If you are feeling like I was, treading that water (with legs that now practically feel like noodles), turn to Him, rest in Him, praise Him.  He is a God of grace, of life, and of strength. And He is just so dang faithful!

Go find your happy place, do a little dance and praise Him!

Peace and blessings y’all,



P.S. This post reminds me of “Oceans” by Hillsong and I am really not sure how that makes me feel… I am laughing but slightly embarrassed.

P.p.s. If you don’t know what gives you life or brings you joy  take a moment to laugh at this attempt of a self-timer shot that turned into a very serious face/ hair whip from running from the camera. I think i’ll just stick to too many photos of my feet.


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