The Maiden

I have been finally making my way through photos I took while I was travelling last Spring. Here are a few from one of my favourite days. Surely I will post more soon!

We took a little ferry boat to what is called “The Maiden’s Tower”. There are several legends about the tower but the one that I remember goes like this:

“The emperor had a daughter that he loved very dearly but one day he received a prophecy that on her 18th birthday she would get bitten by a snake. In attempts to protect her and keep the oracle from coming true, the emperor built her a tower on a little island away from the land. On her 18th birthday he brought her a basket of fruit, pleased that he had been able to keep her from serpents and the oracle from coming true. Little did he know, that in the fruit basket he brought for her, hid a snake, which you guessed it, bit the daughter.”

A little depressing, eh! Nonetheless it was beautiful and views were even more stunning.


(I think Steph Uittenbosch probably took that one ^)



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