The Cost

“My life depends on someone earning less than a living wage” – Bethan Uitterdijk

Last month, my housemate Bethan, gave a convicting teaching on the book of Micah and social injustice. Those words above pierced my heart. I have been challenged over the past few years with ethical shopping but never knowing fully the effects of my purchases nor how to change.

Someone asked me last year if I shop ethically and my response was embarrassing. It was something along the lines of, “you know, I try and eat organic when I can afford it and recycle everything. I’m trying to do my part but you can only do so much”.  I am embarrassed at that answer still, though, my understanding has changed.

Our purchases come at a cost of someone else. Saving a few dollars, cost someone many. Are you really saving anything?

I am so so grateful God brought Bethan into my life (and home), she has taught me SO much in the last few months of how to be more ethical and also eco-friendly in such simple ways.

Shopping locally right now is a huge trend, I love the thought of supporting small and local business and  feeding into my community’s economy but that is not the only reason to shop local. When you purchase items made in Canada, you know how, where and with what, it was made.

I am trying to explore and invest more into an ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle this year. Whether it’s where I purchase my clothes or what kind of toothbrush I use, I am learning that it requires simple changes, but those small changes can have a large impact.

Join me on this journey of learning how to be a better steward and what changes we can make to be more conscious shoppers!



P.S. the lovely Bethan that I speak of is an incredible writer and photographer, check out her website here.

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