Smoky Beach Day

Well all the smoke from the forest fires have finally made it our way and the sky is an unsettling hue of orange. My original plan for the day was to hide indoors but I had been craving some adventure. So I texted Janelle, picked her up and headed North. We didn’t have a plan, I didn’t want to go far, but we drove up Sea to Sky and got off when we felt like it. We ended up at a small  beach near Lions Bay. It was quiet and quaint. The water was a pretty shade of blue despite  the smoke so thick. It felt nice to swim in the ocean; I honestly don’t think I have done much of that in BC.



I really love aimlessly driving and seeing where you end up. Something I definitely inherited from my parents, who took my sister and I on too many unplanned day trips to count. This day was one of those good ones, where you take a few random turns, don’t have a clue where you are, don’t care for a map and find a hidden treasure. It always helps when the company is good too.


Happy summer driving and adventuring y’all,




P.S. My dear friend Janelle takes beautiful portraits of people around the world and captures their stories. You can check out her Facebook page here.

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