Silence and Stillness

oh how i love the quiet

the still moments I sneak away with you

the quiet, the secret

a place only you and I know

where my soul finds rest

where my heart may cry its truest cries

where my soul rejoices

where my heart may break

oh the quiet, how i love it

the stillness and calm

the moments where you still my heart

you listen to my cries, my contending

the quiet

where i worship, where I fall before you, my king

oh how i love the quiet

how i love time with you

to retract , end of day and find you there

in the quiet,

waiting for me

you have waited all day for me to draw near

and i find, so has my soul waited

to find quiet

to find rest

so here I lay

in the quiet of your presence

soul rejoicing, heart contending

how good you are Lord

how beautiful is your dwelling place

how sweet is your presence

how precious the quiet

oh how i love the silence and stillness

to rest, restore, and revere.

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