Picking Flowers of Contentment

I went for my evening walk last night. A little pep in my step and a tiny grin, as the sun finally had come out, the mountains were glowing, the air crisp but not too cold. Walking is one of my greatest joys. I love leaving the house with no plan or intention but to return whenever I end up back home.

Last night, I noticed the trees beginning to bud, green to become bright again and a few pink cherry blossoms. I tiptoed to pick one and continued my walk with a smile. As I walked, thanking the Lord for my neighbourhood in East Van and the coming of Spring, I was reminded of something.

When I lived my first 3 months (of 9) in Hawaii, I hated it. It was hot, it was sweaty. I did not like it. After three months, the Lord worked in my heart and I was challenged to thank Him for the privilege of living in paradise.

I took that challenge, and everyday on my walk to class I looked at the ocean, picked a plumeria,  inhaled its fragrance and thanked the Lord for bringing me to Hawaii. Eventually, I fell in love with Hawaii, and getting on that plane back to Canada was one of the most painful moments of my life.

Last year, I would go for walks in the Spring and Summer in the neighbourhood of my quaint little basement suite. There was one house that had heaps of flowers on their front lawn, I would intentionally walk that way, though it was painfully uphill, so that I could smell the flowers and in my heart, grew contentment for that season.

So as I walked last night, twirling that blossom between my fingers, I thanked God for this season, for my neighbourhood, for the views of the mountains, the city skyline and in my heart, grew contentment for this season.

Each season, I so believe, is intentional by the Lord. Whether it be the darkness of winter or the birth of newness in spring, God so evidently has His hands in our lives. We ought to be content with His workings, His creation, with where He has placed us.

May contentment fill your hearts. May gratitude flow from your lips.

May you pick flowers of contentment and thank Him for His goodness and consistency in all seasons.


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