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It was our second day in Kathmandu, we were just on our way back from exchanging money, a ton of street children followed us. I captured this moment, and it was not until this week that I really looked at this picture. We were just on our way “home”, we were adjusting to a new country, little did we know that the children my dearest friend, Leilani,is high-fiving, would become the very children we spent our days and hours with.

Those sweet boys, were street boys, some by choice, others it was their only option. They begged for money and food, and spent their spare change on going to the cinema, as boys do. The potent smell of industrial glue was thick on their breath, an easy and cheap drug.


Buddhist monks often walked by “wishing goodness on them”. What good was that, it never changed their situation, receiving kind thoughts of a stranger. Then again, neither did our cookies, Coke and soccer playing change the circumstances but I hope, that when we shared the Truth with them on our final day together, that there was a lasting impact, an eternal shift.

I’ll never know for sure on this side of heaven but I cherish these photos and the memories we made with those sweet boys. They were rugged and jaded yes, but they loved us, and my did we love them.

[This is Krishna, he is part of the Mosaic of my heart, which you can read about here]

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