La Jolla – Hannah & Eisley

My heart loves California something fierce. I love the heat, the ocean, the surf towns, the palm trees, the endless health food stores… I am grateful that I have close friends that live in Southern California and get to visit them (and the beach) every year.

Hannah has been a close friend since we did DTS together, and I had the privilege of watching her and Derek’s relationship start and develop. I was honoured to be in their wedding party years ago and now I get to watch their sweet daughter, Eisley, grow. It’s hard to have long distance friendships, especially with Eisley now, every time I visit, she has changed so much since my last trip. I deeply cherish every moment I get with them.

I told Hannah that this visit, I was chill to do anything or nothing at all but had one request, that we go to the beach.

She was faithful to fill my wishes and we packed up the car, the little bean and headed to La Jolla. (Which, I have to admit, I called “La Joe-La”, in my head every time I saw it on Instagram…*facepalm*). It is such a cute area! I pray and hope one day the Lord allows me to live in a cute little beach town. 



Is she not the cutest? Look at her with that watermelon!

It really has been a gift to know Hannah and watch her grow into new roles over the past few years, she truly is an excellent wife and mama. 

    I love the ocean and beach so so much, and it made my heart soar to see Eisley love the waves. Some beach trips with just Aunty are ahead of us 🙂


La Jolla is definitely now on my list of favorite beaches and will hopefully make it in to my annual visits.

Do you guys have any go-to places in Southern California that I should add to my list?




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