International Women’s Day

I am grateful to be a woman.
I am grateful for the women in my life.
I am grateful that I had the privilege of growing up and living in a society that though there may not always be complete equality for women, I still have received education and basic human rights.
There have been a thousand things I have wanted to write and post about today, about women, about the realities of abuse towards girls (both physical and sexual), about God’s love for women as is clearly shown in His Word, about the incredible women in my life that have impacted me, shaped me and raised me and about why this day is important to me. I wrote several posts but saved them all as drafts, here I sit, ten minutes left in this day, fired up for so many reasons but mainly one.
I care about women and I believe God does too.
I passed this sign below earlier this week :
According to this signage, girls have a 50% chance of being sexually or physically abused in Canada, a nation where we as women have a lot more freedom and rights than many other countries around the world. Whether this statistic is completely accurate or not, this shatters my heart and even more, the reality that I have seen this statistic to be true in my life. I cannot count on my hands the number of women I know personally who have been abused, and to think of all the ones that have not spoken to me about it, or spoken up at all. Not only does this break my heart, but I believe it breaks God’s too.
I am studying the Gospel of Mark currently in preparation to give an overview soon. In the Scriptures I see time and time again Christ’s love for women and for girls. And in this sinful and twisted world we live in, I find hope, hope that it is Jesus who is my Saviour and King. The same man who healed a hemorrhaging woman of a disease that affected her for twelve years. The same man who looked at a young girl that was presumably dead and said “Little girl, get up”. This is my Saviour. He rejoices over women, he heals them, he loves them, he is for them.
I want to take part in celebrating women, fighting for their education, their human rights, and for their protection and love. Here are two links I came across today.
The first is this article and it makes me so happy! It is about a company that produces menstrual cups (which I don’t care how taboo periods are, they happen, they’re real, get over it) and for every one that is purchased they give one away. On top of that they provide young girls education about their bodies. Read the article and understand why this is significant. Girls are exchanging sex for pads, they are missing out on school, they don’t understand what is happening with their own bodies and they don’t have access to basic hygienic needs. I am so excited to hear of Ruby Cup who is taking steps towards ending these issues and supplying girls with proper education and necessities. (Also, for any of you ladies that are reading this and don’t use a menstrual cup, get on it. They are economical, eco-friendly, more hygienic, convenient and better for your bodies, and in Ruby Cup’s case, ethically made. They check off every box and are the biggest game changer.)
Another link that was going around today was this wonderful video.
So today, despite the oppression of women all over the world, I celebrate them. I celebrate the God who made them, loves them, and fights for them.
Thank you to all the women who have contributed to my life, from friends to mentors to my sister and mother. You all mean the world to me and I am grateful for your hearts of courage, kindness, honesty and wisdom.
(I want to add to all of this, today, I’m writing on women but I acknowledge that boys too are abused, Jesus loves men as equally as he loves women, men are important and should be celebrated too. I do not think that women are to be elevated above men and that one is more valuable than the other. I simply chose to commemorate this day, address issues pertaining to women and take time to thank the ladies in my life. You dudes are important too, and we need you in this world.)
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