Community – A Call Not A Crutch

Bethan and I went to the Valley this past weekend to catch up with some dear friends over a lovely brunch and lots of laughter. After, I took her to the Clayburn store where she pointed out all the British candy she’s familiar with. We then finished off our visit with coffee at Oldhand (obviously a must). We spent a lot of time with people, and even I was needing some introvert time. So we brought our laptops and sipped our coffee while blogging and catching up on emails.


“Introvert time” didn’t last long, but honestly, I didn’t expect it to.

I love Oldhand not just because the coffee is great, and the staff is phenomenal, but I mostly love it because it makes the community feel so small. Consistently old friends were walking through the door and coming by to say hi and catch up. I love that feeling, knowing I will run into people I know and love.

Sure enough my dear friends, Bella and Jenna, walked through the doors and took a seat.

I love how quickly life conversations can begin with close friends, sharing thoughts, prayers, fears and encouragement. If there is anything I have learned in the last two years, it is how significant community is, for encouragement, for fun, for growth and for accountability. I have a hard time not going to the Valley to visit because my relationships with family and friends there are so strong, and have been poured into over many years.

When I look back on my life to the moments where I made the most choices I (try not to) regret, they fall in seasons where my accountability was lacking, community wasn’t a priority and I wasn’t involved in the local church.

It is not a crutch, it is a call.

We ought to be meeting regularly with other Christians, confessing our sin, calling each other out, praying for each other, worshipping together, reading together, learning together and of course having fun together. It is scriptural, it is Biblical, it is important.

It also doesn’t happen over night, nor is it always easy.

We are fallen beings, we fail, we sin, we hurt each other.

We disagree, we argue, we get annoyed.

But we must remain committed, forgiving, patient, kind, loving, and gracious.

And we always try to laugh, seriously, I really do believe that laughing is one of the best medicines.

I hope you readers, all two of you, yeah, the stats tell me there’s more than one of you (Hi mom and Jenna!), seek Godly community, where you serve and love and are served and loved. I hope that God is glorified in your life and in your relationships, and that you learn from those around you, that you find courage to be vulnerable and transparent. I hope you press on, even when they drive you crazy, or offend you. I hope when they say something you disagree with, you think from their perspective. I hope you pray, a lot, for those around you, and I hope they pray for you. I hope you share your sin and struggle, and they share theirs. And I really hope you laugh a lot.

I’m no pro at this community thing, especially not this friendship thing, but how great it is to serve a God of grace and mercy, who uses us in our brokenness.

All glory be to the One who created us, the one who is patient, forgiving and kind.

{Thank you to my community, my tribe, my village and my family, who calls me out, exercises patience with me, encourages me, supports me, laughs at me and with me, attempts to set me up (and I hope is one day successful), knows my insecurities, prays into my hurts, teaches me, trusts me, seeks me, sends me, conceals me, convicts me,  humbles me and loves me. You all show me Christ every single day, and I am beyond grateful to Him for His provision of you all in my life.}

Photos by Bethan Uitterdijk – GO read her blog!

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