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    Threading Water

    If you have been following me this year, you will know that I am trying to shift towards more socially conscious clothing choices, and more eco friendly lifestyle products. So, I am thrilled to represent Threading Water, an ethically made clothing brand that sells basic tees. The The best part is, they didn’t want to just sell ethical clothing but they took it a step further… with each product that is purchased, a portion of the profit goes towards an organization called Lifewater International. Lifewater is a Christian non-profit organization that is seeking to make clean water and sanitation accessible in Africa. I have heard of a lot of well systems, and clean water organizations, but many leave a village with a well that they don’t know how to take care of or fix if it breaks down. Lifewater seeks to create sustainability in each village they work with, training the community to take care of their own water systems, in addition to this, they educate the people on hygiene and sanitation. Lifewater, being a Christian non-profit, also seeks to make the Gospel known in these communities (true water of Life, ya know what I’m sayin).

    Can y’all see why I am so pumped to represent this brand!





    Go head over to Threading Water and buy a cute tee! If you subscribe to their email list you get 15% off your purchase!

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    Top: Threading Water – Women’s Slouchy Tee – S

    Jeans: Secondhand

    Sandals: Thrifted