Brush Naked – Bamboo Toothbrush

When I have looked into being more eco-friendly I have often been discouraged at the prices of alternative products. In this case though, Brush Naked’s products are reasonably priced and only a few dollars more than your average Walmart toothbrush. This brand has done what they can do to be as eco-friendly as possible, including the cello packaging the brush comes in, which is made from wood and cotton pulp. The brush handle is made of bamboo and the bristles of nylon, so once you’re done with it you break of the head (or use a plier to pull out the bristles) and throw the handle in the compost!

A toothbrush, it is probably one of the most simple changes you can make to become more eco-friendly. I have not gone Zero Waste (like this woman who can fit four years’ worth of her trash in a mason jar), everything eco-friendly and ethical, but I am learning more about all of this. One thing I have learned so far is to start small and with everyday things. Though it might seem like a feat, it really is not. So here is my first day-to-day life change I have made – a bamboo toothbrush to replace my plastic, non-recyclable one.

My second lesson in living more sustainably is to not become judgemental, controlling or obsessive. I actually planned to post this blog two months ago on the 100% Biodegradeable toothbrush Brusk Naked offers.  My mum is a Dental Hygienist and the first thing she asked when I told her about my new brush was, “Are the bristles soft?!” Unfortunately, I found the bristles to be way too hard and it frayed within a week. I was super frustrated because if I was going to go eco-friendly/biodegradeable, I was going to go all out. I learned fast that, though I want to live a more sustainable life, I also need to value my own health. I contacted Brush Naked and their customer service was great and they sent me their brush with nylon bristles which are much softer. It was a good lesson to me that some things I will need to compromise on and that is okay. It will require sacrifice sometimes but I should not be a slave to it.

All that to say, I recommend this brush as an easy and affordable step to living more sustainably!


I am really just learning in all of this and want to share with you all as I go- I’m no expert! If you have other bamboo brushes you have tried and loved or have other simple lifestyle changes to be more eco-friendly and ethical leave a comment!



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  • Reply Bethan Uitterdijk

    these photos are beautiful!

    April 7, 2017 at 5:10 pm
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      Thank you dear friend!

      April 8, 2017 at 8:20 pm

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