Bloedel Conservatory

Location: Bloedel Conservatory, Vancouver


Friends, this place is dreamy! I saw on Instagram a friend refer to the Bloedel Conservatory and I when I had outdoorsy plans with friends on a day that was supposed to be rainy and snowy, we decided we needed a second option. I thought of the Conservatory and though it ended up being a beautiful day, we stuck with the our new plan. The entrance fee is only $6.50 and though it isn’t dramatically exciting, I would say if you like the tropics and are feeling gloomy on a BC day, it is well worth it.  Or if you have kids or nanny and need to get the kids out of the house without spending too much like the entrance fees to the Vancouver Aquarium or Zoo, it is the perfect outing.

The dome is the second largest in the world, which makes it sound pretty grand, it is not actually that large. It only takes a few minutes to walk through if you aren’t taking your time. We took our time and walked it twice, and spent maybe 45 minutes there.


Since the dome is situated in Queen Elizabeth Park, we took a few moments to take in the stunning views. It was blue skies all around, and allowed us to see downtown and the mountains. It would be fun to make a day out of all of this on a warmer day and bring a picnic and spend lunch in the park. Regardless, we all enjoyed our time and I think I will definitely be going back when the rain gets to my head and I start missing life in Hawaii!






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