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Welcome to my blog! I am glad you found your way here. On this blog you will mostly find pieces of my writing and travel photos. This space was created to share things dear to my heart, share the things I’m learning and be a place to inspire others.  My heart for this space is to be drenched with the Father’s grace, love and truth. I hope you find encouragement, inspiration and joy as you graze through these posts.





Savannah Jolayne

10 Facts about me

  1. I grew up in Abbotsford, BC and have never loved a place as much as I do my hometown
  2. I have travelled to five continents, to countries such as Nepal, India, Argentina, Uganda and Spain
  3. Southern California and Hawaii are my favourite places in the world (other than BC, of course) and I have lived in both over the last four years
  4. I LOVE people. I love life stories, culture and doing life with people
  5. I really like to have a good time and do things or be around people that make me laugh (Lately I’ve been all about stand up comedy)
  6.  I feel the most peace by the ocean or under the stars. (Or both at the same time, that’s heavenly)
  7. Coffee is an important part of my life. As is chocolate. I eat a copious amount of chocolate.
  8. I am extroverted but need significant amounts of solitude
  9. I am painfully forgetful (especially birthdays, I am sorry friends!)
  10. Last, and most important, I have been saved by grace by a loving Father, a Great Redeemer. It is Him whom I live this life for, whom I have purpose in, whom I have joy from, and whom I choose to serve.


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  • Reply Abigail frias

    Amazing blog, excatly i was looking for, i want to move to canada and work there, but before i have been praying god of what i should do, cause i want to serve him first of all, i need someone who drench me how is being christian there, cause i come from a diferent culture so its a big change for me, only i know is do the will of god in me and others life

    April 16, 2017 at 5:19 pm
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